Bailey Knox Fucks Misty Gates!

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1.86 GB download: 309 pictures - 2000x1333 pixels - 41:20 HD video play length - video resolution 1920x1080 pixels

The holy grail of Epic Zips is finally released; there are a lot of firsts in this video. This is the first girl-on-girl sex scene for Misty Gates, and same for Bailey Knox. It's also the first toy penetration in HD video for Misty. Bailey licks and sucks Misty's dripping wet pussy and button clit, and fingers her deep. After remarking, “Wow, you're tight,” and only being able to slide one finger into Misty, Bailey goes for broke and somehow forces her enormous vibrating dildo inside her. Misty plays with herself while Bailey sucks her tits. They 69 each other. Bailey licks and tongues Misty's tight asshole again and again like she has a fetish for girl's asses, and rubs her own pussy while vibrating Misty – the sex is off the chain. It's obvious that these two have a thing for each other. As Misty whispers to herself, “This is fucking perfect.”

The video is a staggering 41 minutes long. Even after we were finished shooting, and had already packed up the lights and cameras, Misty and Bailey started to fuck again. Bailey started plunging the dildo in and out of Misty, and they starting to eat each other out again. So we took the lenscap off the video camera, and shot that too.

This zipset feels like exactly what it is - real sex between two extremely hot girls, who are completely fired up and ready to fuck. There aren't many breaks in the action; the video cuts only when the girls needed to move positions, or into another room (they would have kept going!) or if a video card was full and needed to be swapped out. And it's worth mentioning, because the sound alone is incredible; we didn't put any music over top, these girls are the only soundtrack this video needs from start to finish. Unless you live out in the secluded country side, you might want to put headphones on to watch this. Misty and Bailey are loud together, and they've got dirty mouths. By the twelve minute mark, you'll probably already have beaten off twice. This is video you can come back to again and again. It's hard to pick just one stand-out moment, but Bailey tongue-fucking Misty's asshole as she rides her face is an image you won't ever forget. Support the two girls going public with this behavior by buying this zip (you will not regret it), and there will surely be more extreme releases in the future on Epic Zips!

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