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1.0 GB download:  28:14 video play length - resolution 1440x810 pixels

Holy H2O-face!!! Brooke Marks sprays herself in the shower! In this near-30 minute video, Brooke starts with a slow-motion shower-show, (shot at 64-frames per second,) and soaks her white shirt and panties until nothing is left to the imagination. She bounces her boobs and booty to the beat, then slides her panties off and straps a GoPro on to give us a first-person perspective as she abuses the detachable shower head in ways not intended by the manufacturer.  She sprays her completely shaved pussy with her legs open, and hips rocking with pleasure. 

Brooke Marks fans have never seen her playing solo like this!  It's a sure bet that more spunk will be spilled world-wide watching this video than water was wasted during the filming. 

...That is to say, if all that lucky water that went down the drain could even be considered wasted.

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