Brooke Marks: Showers Forever!

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879 MB download:  - 22:27 min video play length - resolution 1280x720 pixels

Get out of the fucking shower already, you're wasting water! 

California is in the midst of a severe drought, and Brooke Marks isn't helping.  Surrounded for hundreds of miles by thirsty crops, boats stranded by shrinking lakes, and lawns turning brown, Brooke sees the potable drinking water still coming out of L.A.'s taps, and thinks “SEX TOY.” The worse the drought, the better it feels, and so this zipset feels GOOD. It's a damn good, bloody-good-damn-good zip. 

In some ways, this is all just as much your fault as it is hers.  Fans loved the first “Shower Head” zipset and asked for more, so here we are again with the shower on full blast, and Brooke Marks fucking the water with a clean conscience. Brooke starts the video with a sexy striptease while wearing a string-only bikini that somehow covers even less real estate than her World's Smallest Bikini. This new reverse thong hikes so far North on her that it vanishes into Oregon when it's should be in San Diego, if you can dig more of that regional geography dirty talk, pals of mine. At a time when people are getting fined for washing their cars on the wrong day of the week, Brooke leaves the hot shower on behind her fogging up the room, and dances around like the remorseless water criminal she is, draining more and more from the depleted water tables of southern California with every passing second and each slow-motion bounce of her awesome boobs.  Why do I keep talking about droughts and water rationing?  Because nobody gives a fuck what I write here, and this zip is ridiculously hot enough to sell itself. 

This zip is right up there with the raunchiest posing, outfits, and behavior in Brooke's career. There are some shockingly revealing moments that fans of Brooke will enjoy with precipitous abandon. Thundering fapclouds will gather once again, as the Brooke zipset drought is finally over!

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