Carlotta Champagne: Baby Oil!

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838 MB download: 102 pictures - 2000x1339 pixels  22:00 video - 1920 x 1080p  

If you're familiar with our zipsets, you know Epic Zips are about pushing the envelope, and seeing well-known models like Carlotta Champagne do something special. It may not jump out from the title like craziness-on-fire, but what you're looking at here took years- YEARS - to convince Carlotta to shoot. 

Like oil and water, Baby Oil and Carlotta do not mix. Until now, Carlotta has steadfastly refused to shoot with it; it's a serious prejudice, bordering on a phobia.  She has turned down all fan requests, job offers, girl-on-girl wrestling tournaments - you name it - if they had anything to do with covering herself in baby oil. No fucking thank you, she'd say. We asked plenty of times, and she wouldn't budge. She wouldn't even look at it. 

Now that Carlotta and Baby Oil have finally met, how did they get along? Well... I think they're in love. In without a doubt the best open leg video she's ever done, watch Carlotta on all fours grinding her pussy on a jet of baby oil, as it soaks her from her toes to her shoulders. She looks GREAT in it! Carlotta and Baby Oil's personal history set aside, this is by far the hottest most fappable Carlotta video in history. The camera goes between her legs, and she works and twerks her hips and lips to give you a VERY rare view of her downstairs. Her pussy has never looked this wet and fuckable on camera. If you're a Carlotta fan, this is an epic zip you've long been waiting for!

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