Carlotta Champagne: Dirty Lapdance!

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1.1 GB download: 207 pictures - 2000x1339 pixels  27:44 video - 1440 x 1080p  

When you get a lapdance, there are rules. This zipset disregards most of them; in fact, you could say it's a pretty good “How To” guide for getting kicked out of the strip club. But for this special night, anything goes in The Champagne Room. 

For Carlotta Champagne's fans, having her naked in their lap and delivering a thirty-minute dirty dance is a fantasy come true. It took some convincing before hand to get Carlotta to do this video, because just like an exotic dancer, when Carlotta is working in the nude she doesn't allow anyone to put their hands all over her, or to be vulgar and obvious about their arousal. And that's exactly what makes this video unlike anything Carlotta has shot before. She delivers on that lapdance fantasy, and even a little more. Carlotta allows herself to be groped, and gropes back. She teases, touches, and flicks her tongue over her special customer.  Her landing strip is tugged and explored by curious fingers, her boobs are fondled, her ass is slapped, her panties are pulled to the side to show her shaved pussy - you name it, and this dirty dance delivers it.

Download this lapdance video for the price of a real lap dance. Afterwards, you can watch it again whenever you want, and do whatever you want while you watch it. But whatever you do – don't cum in your pants.

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