Kari Sweets: Breathless - UNCENSORED!

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1.0 GB download: 170 photos - resolution 3504x2336 pixels | Video 8:36 - 720x480

Kari Sweets: Ultimate Collection - Zipset #2

The vault of treasure has opened once again, and more uncensored, unseen Kari Sweets content has been specially released to Epic Zips! 

Perhaps the poses were thought too raunchy and the lace bottoms too sheer, but we've now got our hands on all the extra pics and footage that hit the cutting room floor.  The video footage now appears unedited, just as it was shot from start to finish with no cuts; only the audio was adjusted to remove the photographer's voice. What you see is just what the camera saw, with no sly blurring and no redaction in the gallery.  See an entire missing series of photos with Kari's perfect ass up in the air in sheer bottoms for the very first time, no x-ray vision needed!  After the panties are slid down, the set also includes several excluded shots from down below that show a breathtaking partial view of her shaved pussy and ass! 

And did we mention all the pictures are a whopping 3500 pixels wide?  Own the entire set that was shot, all at their maximum file size from the camera!

See what very few of the luckiest people on earth have ever seen before.  For fans and collectors of Kari Sweets, this another release of secret content that we've always hoped for!

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