Misty Gates: THE ANAL ZIP!

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1.1 GB download: 20 min HD video - 1920 x 1080p |95 photos - 2000x1333 pixels. 

The long awaited anal scene is finally here! Througout all of Misty Gates' career in zipsets, on webcam, and on her website, the only thing that's been in her ass is Bailey Knox's tongue, and even that caught her by surprise. When I've directed scenes with Misty Gates, she always puts the brakes on how worked up and horny she gets, probably because I've been friend-zoned and we work together. Apparently this is what she looks like when things get personal and she's actually thinking about fucking. Her pussy is so wet in this video, its practically squirting out lube for your hard cock. 

With her fuckbuddy out of town, Misty set out to make an epic fap video to keep him thinking about her. And it doesn't get any more epic than her first time doing anal! Before she spreads her ass and fills it with a toy, Misty puts two fingers in her pussy and thumps her G-Spot until her pussy is flowing with her cum and wetter than I've ever seen it, all the while dirty talking to the camera. She rubs her juices around her asshole, and then realizes it's time to do what she promised. 

Right away, the size of the toy against her asshole makes her nervous. It should come as no surprise that an anal virgin like Misty has trouble here fitting anything into her ass – it's too tight! When it finally goes all the way in, she realizes that it's making her pussy even tighter and wetter. She then finger bangs herself until it's even tighter and wetter than before, ultimately creating a tightness and wetness singularity that was detected by NASA instruments. They now have to filter out Misty Gates data with exclusion rules from their scans and navigation software, lest their cocks, probes, and satellites come crashing into it. 

Once she has the taste for anal (which happens quickly here), Misty decides to really push it. The tear-drop itself proves to be not enough to satisfy, and she breaks out a GIGANTIC purple dick to fuck her pussy with. She goes after it POV style showing off her blowjob skills, flicking her little elfin tongue up and down the shaft and deepthroating the thing until her eyes water. Even if anal isn't your particular fantasy, the second half blowjob scene will make your dick as hard as a rock – it's the best simulated blowjob video she's ever done, even better than the Bailey and Misty's First Facial zipset. What next? To use her own words, she “fucks the shit out of it,” and then gets back on her knees and opens her mouth to take your load.

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