Misty Gates: Misty vs. Misty!

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1.74 GB download: 50 mins video - 1920 x 1080p

357 pictures - 2000x1339 pixels 

    It's a battle of will, and skills. The wise-cracking, geek-punk Misty Gates has a taste for the bizarre, and an ass named after a Pokemon ('Jigglypuff', according to her fans.) Fitness spokeswoman and glamor babe Misty Anderson has a competitive streak, a million-dollar personality, and a perfect rack that defies the laws of nature. These two Mistys share the same name, but until now, that was all they've shared. In this epic zip, they meet to settle their differences once and for all. 

    In a whopping 50 minute sex video, Misty Anderson and Misty Gates strip each other down and fuck outdoors, starting by the tiki bar in full view of the dozens of lake front houses. After taking turns licking each others pussies in public, they scamper off to the pool, and break out the toys. They each spread their legs and lips for each other and the camera, and even during the moments where they are on the “giving” end, they serve their asses up in the air with their perfect tight holes on display. It's a lot for the cameras to take in. This is only the second time Misty Gates has ever shot an insertion scene (the first was with Bailey Knox), but Misty Anderson doesn't take it slow. And Misty Gates fucking loves it. 

    Even after giving each other body-shaking orgasms by the pool, their night of pleasure isn't over yet. It wouldn't be a true competition without a tough sexual challenge thrown in, would it? Their five rounds of head-to-head face-offs ends with a battle of “Who Can Cum First?” Each girl takes turns trying to get themselves off the quickest. If you've got a big moniter, you'll love the last scene: the screen is split between three camera angles at once: one focuses on the face; one on their full body, and one extreme close-up on the pussy. The timer keeps score. It's unlike any zipset ever before, and worthy of this epic meeting! Test audiences found it “impossible” not to fap while watching.

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