Misty Gates: Spreads Her Pussy and Shows Pink!

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For the first time in photos or HD video, Misty gives you a look at a very exclusive part of her smoking hot body. The pose has been nicknamed "Birthday Pink" in her live member chats; if it's truly the week of your birthday and she knows you well, for a one-time blink-and-you-missed-it moment Misty has spread her pussy and shown Birthday Pink on the tiny webcam feed. But in this full HD  zipset, it's your merry birthday all night. Misty plays with herself endlessly in this video, and gets herself hot and ready. With her face to the ground and her ass in the air, Misty spreads her pink lips and holds them open while the camera man grabs a chilled bottle and inflicts Chinese water torture on her exposed clit. At other moments, Misty lays on the ground and spreads her legs and pussy with her feet bobbing playfully in the air. She indulgently stands over the camera and gives an extremely close look at her flushed clit and pussy, and the high resolution photos (213 of them!) don't miss a detail. In a near 40 minute video, you get just about every scandalous pose on your wishlist!

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