Sporty, Shaved, And Flexible!

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1.1 GB download: 28:19 video - 1280p  336 pictures - 2000x1339 pixels 

If you love cheerleaders, gymnasts, and hot exhibitionists, you'll love this zipset -Tiffany is all three of those things. A former "flier" on her high school cheer-leading squad, Tiffany has the kind of flexibility that few girls will ever have, and that every guy dreams about playing with. She's a girl-next-door type with a deliciously fit body that's sunkissed all over and completely smooth where it counts. There's shaved pussies, and then there are NICE ones, and Tiff's tan pussy is definitely the latter kind. At the beginning of the nearly half-hour video, Tiffany dances and strips for the camera for three songs, working her way out of her pink booty shorts and shiny blue top. For the rest of the video, Tiffany puts her little cheerleader's frame into dozens of naked splits, poses, and stretches that would make a yoga instructor blush. All the while, Tiffany never shies away from showing her pussy to the camera as it zooms in - she knows it's rockin'! Tiff isn't new to the gym or new at sports, but she's new to the web!

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