Rachel Sexton Thai Oil Massage Video with Happy Ending!

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947 MB download: 164 pictures - 2000x1334 pixels - 18:19 video - resolution 1440x1080 pixels

Rachel gives an anonymous friend a naked Thai oil massage, with a very happy ending. After completely drenching both of them in oil, Rachel skillfully uses her entire naked body to please. Her friend's pussy is a special one; it blushes as red as a fire engine when it's excited, and it doesn't take long until Rachel has her subject wet, hot, and ready to burst. Rachel caresses her and slides their shaved pussies together until she begins to come! It's a hot pussy on pussy oil massage! Rachel gets creative with her techniques, using her hard nipples to flick her friend's clit again and again. Her breathless review at the end says it all: “Greatest massage ever!” 

This is easily Rachel's hottest zipset to date. WARNING: Rachel's massage subject is not a professional nude model, and her face is blurred out!

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