Spencer Nicks Body Paint Zipset!

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1 GB download: 272 pictures - 2000x1333 pixels - 17:15 video play length - resolution 1440x1080 pixels

Goodbye pasties and hello titties! In her FIRST EVER ZIPSET, Spencer Nicks lets her big beautiful boobs hang free wearing nothing but colors. As she rubs her paint-slicked boobs, her nipples are obvious and totally uncovered. Her shaved pussy lips are held together by a short, pencil thin strip of tape, which quickly seems to disappear – is it there or not? What's the point of it – even we don't know. Naked as a jaybird and messy as a mudfight, Spencer runs out into the hotel hallway for a few minutes more of pictures and video, her nipples hard and perky at the thought of getting caught nude in public. Near the end of this seventeen minute HD video, Spencer risks busting-her-ass by dancing, shimmying, and mainly booty popping in obscene fashion for you in the paint spills. And if you like this zip, be sure to also check out cute Bailey Knox's naughty version on the same theme!

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