Spencer Nicks: Making and Shaking It!

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662 MB download: 209 pictures - 2000x1333 pixels - 15:00 video play length - resolution 1440x1080 pixels

There's a time for ballin', and there's a time for squalor. Here's a heads-up: we aren't going to be ballin' tonight. This zipset will take you into the (somewhat) sexy side of student housing. We're making micro bikinis out of random shit we find in the kitchen, and a hushed room full of dudes are getting drunk while Spencer Nicks shakes her ass for her laptop on the other side of the counter. So cook up an oven pizza, break out the Frank's Hot Sauce, and pass me a Natty Ice – this is the 2AM unplanned cam-dance clusterfuck of a zipset. If you forgot your snacks, there's plenty on the carpet.

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