Spencer Nicks: Wet and Sheer Zipset!

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1.1 GB download: 193 pictures - 2000x1333 pixels - 24:02 video play length - resolution 1440x1080 pixels

A screen door is still a door, but it lets you see the yard. These clothes are the screen door. Come take a peek, because Spencer Nicks' lovely boobs, booty, and pussy have come out to play. Spencer does some of her trademark booty popping with the video camera right up in the action. The thong does a poor job of covering the most intimate parts of her ass, but I guess that's the point. After some shaking and grinding, Spencer gets soaked from tits to thighs with a spray bottle, and then her blue bra and panties are barely there at all. 193 amazing, revealing, and occasionally downright raunchy photos await you in this zipset – don't just jump straight for the video, or else you'll miss some of the sexiest shots ever taken of this busty blonde solo model!

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