Rachel Sexton Forced Orgasm!

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In this scene, Malloy Martin forces Rachel Sexton into her first ever orgasm on video! Rachel is caught goofing off at work, earning the ire of her boss Malloy Martin. Mistress Malloy gives Rachel a choice: lose your job with the company, or be collared, hogtied, and fastened to the liberator couch and receive a punishment. Rachel nervously agrees to these terms. Malloy circles the couch with a glass of wine and plays with Rachel's tight, bruised body as she lays prone, pantyless and vulnerable. Eventually Malloy decides on her punishment – a forced orgasm! Rachel, who has previously never been filmed having an orgasm – has the hitatchi vibrator firmly pressed against her sensitive clit until she can't withstand it any longer. Rachel unwillingly climaxes while tied and totally helpless. Rachel's normally perfect hair gets mussed, and her mascara smudges and runs as the mean mistress degrades and pleasures her shaved pussy. Moments after Rachel orgasms, the camera is rolling at the end to catch a painful “blooper” style moment that is one for the ages.

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